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Welcome to BSL Beam

Deaf people, agencies and other bookers of Language Service Professionals

BSL Beam is a full interpreter and Language Service Professional management system. You can advertise for interpreters, see interpreter availability, automatically send booking and rejection emails, and complete your Access to Work forms.


The cost of the system for individual users is £50 per month, and this may be possible to claim from Access to Work. You still need to pay interpreters direct in addition to this. Charges for agencies and multiple users vary depending on the number of assignments.


We also support more complex organisational arrangements with multiple users if required. There are many different options, so please contact admin@bslbeam.co.uk to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, we can arrange contact by video if you want to use BSL, or a variety of other ways; Please email us first to arrange other forms of contact.


Language Service Professionals (Interpreters, Lipspeakers, Notetakers...)

BSL Beam provides easy access to assignments from a number of agencies and individual Deaf people. You can also enter your availability as far into the future as you like and when someone is searching your name will appear if you are available. Customers can then contact you direct to offer you matching assignments. If you enter your availability you can also filter assignments to only show those for which you are available.


There is no charge for LSPs for standard access to BSL Beam.


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